General overview of the service:

Venous sclerotherapy Sclerotherapy is a treatment procedure to cure venous malformations. The malformations of veins restrict normal blood flow to the heart. Blood collects inside them and does not reach the heart. If untreated, the structure grows quite large and gradually interferes with the patient’s daily activities. Venous sclerotherapy reduces vein size to lessen pain and bulky appearance. Sclerotherapy is also known as endovenous chemical ablation. It may be used as a primary treatment for non-saphenous varicosities and saphenous veins with the help of ultrasound.

How the service is done:

The patient rests in a comfortable, warm, and well-lit room. The doctor injects a chemical into the vein with a small needle. Larger veins are treated first. After treatment, the patient may experience inflammation and redness in the veins. Both usually resolves in time. After the sclerotherapy treatment, compression is used to keep the veins in place and to help the incision close.

What methods are used:

Sometimes, the doctor suggests alternative therapies for sclerotherapy to the patient. Alternative treatments include surgical stripping of offending veins, endovenous ablations with Clarivein or radiofrequency treatments (heating the inside of the veins). Compression stockings are often useful to patients with vein problems.

Are there any side-effects:

A scar or ulcer can occur after sclerotherapy. The injection chemical can leak. Temporary cramping or deep vein thrombosis may occur but these side effects are extremely rare.

Follow-up treatments or next steps:

Many patients are able to resume normal duties on the same day of the treatment. Certain precautionary steps should be taken after sclerotherapy treatment. The patient should:
  • Wear compression stockings for three days
  • Maintain active movement of the legs-avoid prolonged sitting, standing, or bed rest
  • Take medicines prescribed by the doctor

Contact our office:

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