General Overview

Skin Perfusion Pressure Skin Perfusion Pressure (SPP) is a fully automated and quantitative evaluation of micro-circulatory perfusion in the skin. It is useful in measuring blood flow to vessels in the feet. The SPP test is non-invasive and extremely effective in assessing the blocked blood vessels for peripheral arterial disease or diabetes. It takes only 5-7 minutes to complete the test.

How It’s Done

To measure SPP, a laser Doppler sensor and an occlusive pressure cuff are used to evaluate hyperemia. A laser light is produced by the system which is emitted into the skin at 785 nm. The laser light is penetrated into the skin and scattered which displays a graph. The graph is analyzed considering the pressure & perfusion during cuff deflation and consequently indicates the pressure at which skin perfusion is found to return.

Any Side Effects?

Doctors have not reported any side-effects related to SPP using SensiLase. SensiLase System testing results should be used in conjunction with other diagnostic information in formulating therapeutic plans.

Next Steps

If the SPP is abnormal, your doctor will go over further treatment and management plan. It may include lifestyle modification, medications and/or further tests and interventions.

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