General Overview

Our pacemaker/ICD clinic provides patients with specialized care of implanted rhythm management devices and pacemakers. The physician team educates patients about the devices and answers ongoing questions related to living with an implanted rhythm management device. Patients must know how their pacemaker and ICD works to understand why it regulates the heart rate.

People often ask, “What is a pacemaker?” The term has been around for years, but today’s pacemaker is nothing like your grandfather’s device. The pacemaker is the generic term for a small unit about the size of a pocket watch. The pacemaker reliably monitors and controls the user’s heart rate. A minor surgical procedure is used to place the device under the skin and near the heart. The pacemaker procedure helps patients to normalize a slow heartbeat.

The patient’s heart may have a faulty regulator and a pacemaker of the heart corrects this problem. If the patient’s heart does not beat regularly or fast enough, fatigue, difficult breathing, or fainting can result. If the heart’s ability to regulate beat pacing is not working well, the pacemaker implant uses electrical impulses to cause the heart to beat more quickly.

A bi-ventricular pacemaker regulates the heart’s pace and improves pumping efficiency in those patients with CHF valve damage. The bi-ventricular type of pacemaker ensures that the patient’s atria and ventricles work properly. Cardiac re-synchronization therapy uses this type of pacemaker.

Defibrillator or ICD is similar to a pacemaker but it acts as a safety net for patients who have or at high risk of fast heart rhythm which can be deadly.

Most of our patients are in the remote monitoring system, where the Pacemaker/ICD are evaluated remotely on a regular basis and evaluated for any alerts or any abnormalities. They are checked in the office frequently on a regular basis or checked whenever felt essential.

Types of Services Offered

The Pacemaker/ICD Clinic goals include:
  • Patient care
  • Follow-up associated with device performance
  • Patient/family education
We offer diagnostic testing of the patient’s pacemaker device at the pacemaker clinic. At the appointment, a trained technician determines device function with a special computer. Information gathered during the exam are shared with the patient. The physician evaluates the data to ensure proper function of the patient’s pacemaker. If testing identifies any potential problems, our pacemaker clinic team works to quickly solve them.

The pacemaker/ICD clinic team works with the patient’s primary health care provider and cardiologist to help him or her enjoy the benefits of a healthy heart.

What Sets Us Apart

The pacemaker/ ICD clinic’s physicians and nurses specialize in the care and treatment of patients who use implantable rhythm devices and pacemakers. We know that pacemaker users and families want to learn as much as possible about their devices. Our pacemaker/ICD clinic are equipped with state of the art technologies. Our well-trained staff is focusing on delivering patient-centered care.

Contact our office:

The Pacemaker/ICD clinic team is ready to help. Contact us with ongoing care or urgent care needs, call us at (302) 338-9444, 24 hours a day, and seven days a week.