General Overview 

Hypertension ClinicHypertension is a medical condition where the pressure resulting from the heightened force of blood flow presses against your arteries. Over time, this constant pressure may eventually lead to heart disease, kidney problems, increases the risk of stroke and death. At Heart and Vascular Clinic, we offer immediate relief to patients suffering from hypertension. Having handled similar conditions for many years, we understand hypertension intimately and are able to diagnose and treat it effectively. Having a keen understanding of the various levels of hypertension, the diverse ways it affects different people, and the different treatments available, we have what it takes to improve your quality of life through effective treatment of hypertension.

Types of Services Offered

According to studies, one out of every three adults in the United States suffers from some form of hypertension. With such a high ratio, we direct all of our focus towards helping our patients meet the proper lifestyle and treatment guidelines to prevent it from escalating into severe multi-organ problems. Our hypertension clinic utilizes the latest medical techniques and technology to measure your blood pressure periodically in order to gauge the exact blood pressure levels, which can then be used to determine the way forward. Some of the techniques we use include:
  • Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, which gives accurate blood pressure levels by eliminating the “white-coat hypertension” effect,
  • We guide our patients to diet and exercise programs that mitigate blood pressure and reduce any further instances of hypertension.
  • We suggest a few hypertension management techniques such as how to prevent obesity, quit smoking, and exercise effectively so patients can play an active role in their personal health management.

What Sets Us Apart

Our hypertension specialty clinic is focused on how to provide quick, comprehensive, and effective medical interventions to patients suffering from hypertension. To do this, we provide accurate and timely testing and results, we confirm and normalize your blood pressure levels within a practical time-frame, and help you take lifestyle steps to manage and eliminate the condition. Self-care is the most effective way to manage hypertension and keep your blood pressure at normal levels so we help you understand what part you can play in managing it while also offering the right medication to help you achieve this.

Contact Our Office

Our hypertension clinic is open to all who need practical and effective ways to manage their hypertension. If you are looking for quality healthcare with a personal touch, or simply need additional information about our hypertension clinic, give us a call at (302) 338-9444 to speak directly with our friendly staff.