General overview:

Echocardiogram Newark DE Echocardiogram is a type of ultrasound test which screens the functioning of the heart and helps doctors to proceed with a suitable treatment. It evaluates the structures of the heart including heart valves, heart chambers and thickness of heart muscles. The test may be performed to check the working of the heart after heart attack, or to look at how the valves are moving inside the heart. It is carried out with the help of an instrument called a transducer.  

How this is done:

Echocardiogram uses a transducer which moves across your chest with a clear gel placed over it. The sensor (transducer) sends out sound waves and receives the returning echoes. This displays pictures of the heart on a screen. Pictures are taken at different angles of the heart and then they are analyzed.

Are there any side-effects:

Echocardiogram uses soundwaves to take pictures and then they are analyzed. There is no considerable data that ultrasound can cause either short term or long term effects and it is considered to be very safe.

Follow-up treatments or next steps:

The doctor will go over the test results with to you. Further management plan will be discussed with you in the next appointment. We advise all our patients to adopt a healthy lifestyle which includes healthy eating habits, exercise and weight management.

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