Cardiovascular disease and overall health is closely tied to one’s diet. Genetic factors are impossible to control, so by increasing exercise capacity and eating a balanced diet can have profound effects on overall health. Outlined are two important diets with links for more information.  

A comprehensive diet first invented to help reduce blood pressure. It has been modified and now is a great tool also for weight loss. Many studies have shown it to reduce stroke, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and also promote weight loss. The cornerstone of the diet is low salt. It promotes high fruit and vegetable diet with supplementation of low-fat diary, beans, nuts and seeds. The website will outline 14 day eating plans and have further resources on specific foods to focus on and avoid. This is a safe eating plan for all.  

A diet based on the premise that the Mediterranean population has a higher average lifespan and decreased risk of cardiovascular events. It corners on an active lifestyle and focusing on diet full of produce, nuts, fiber and low in red meat, sugar and saturated fats. It does not focus on avoiding full food groups but rather sensible choices. The diet also recommends getting enough calcium, vitamin D and B12. The website will give you practical ideas of how to implement this diet on an everyday basis.